recording a podcast

How to record a podcast

Great news! You’re about to begin your podcasting journey! Feeling a little nervous? Don’t worry, you’ve got this and here are our tips on how to record a podcast.
podcast sound quality

How can I make my podcast sound better?

Audio-only podcasts increasingly rely on quality production to help maintain and grow listener numbers. A podcast with poor audio and production values is hardly going to entice guests to your show so here are some great tips to get the best possible sound quality.
podcast editing

How to edit a podcast

Editing a podcast can often be a hurdle for people launching a show and you may ask yourself where to start and how to edit a podcast. In this post, we'll take you through the basics and gives some hints and tips for editing your podcast.
growing your podcast audience

How do I get more listeners for my podcast?

Growing your podcast audience is a key aim for all podcasters and in this article, we show you how to increase podcast listeners. For most podcasters it takes both time and effort and sadly there isn’t a silver bullet. It’s more about taking a structured approach and incremental steps that over time will help build more listeners for your podcast.
measure podcast success

How do you measure podcast success?

Whether your podcast is a hobby or it’s for wider commercial purposes, it’s important that you define how you are going to measure its success. After all, you’ve invested time, money and a great deal of effort in producing your podcast and you’ll want to be sure this hard work is paying off.
how to promote a podcast

How to promote your podcast

Even before you hit the record button for your first episode you need to think about how to promote your podcast show. Unless you are lucky enough to launch your show with a genuine A-lister, the ‘build it and they will come’ approach isn’t going to work - despite how good you believe your content is.