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Hey everyone and welcome to That Purpose Show brought to you by The Podcasterists. Drew and I love storytelling and together we help brands tell their story one podcast at a time.

I’m Chris Taylor your show host, join me as I explore the fascinating world of Purpose. I’ll be talking with everyone from brands to content creators to voices with authority to explore what Purpose is, why it’s important and how to communicate it in a relevant and authentic way. We’d love your feedback and you can email me at chris@thepodcasterists.com

The power of a digital detox

In the third episode of That Purpose Show we look at the world of digital detoxing. We talk to Hector Hughes about his business Unplugged. Hector tells us the story of Unplugged, which starts with startup burnout and a silent retreat in The Himalayas. We ask him about the value of taking a digital detox and the importance of Purpose, wellness and mental health in both professional and personal life.

The art of designing a new car

In our second podcast, we talk to Chris Longmore the founder of Drive. We talk to Chris about the importance of branding and values in the automotive industry. We ask him about the process he and his team goes through when designing a new car and his thoughts on the future of the automotive world.

How to make a podcast that sounds amazing

In our first podcast, we talk to experienced film, sound and podcast producer Stu Rolls. We ask Stu about how to achieve great sounding audio and why that’s so important for the listener experience. We also discuss what the ingredients are for producing a great podcast and the equipment you need to get that studio sound. Finally, we ask Stu the most challenging question of all – who he rates as the best music producer in the world.