Podcast recording services

Whether you decide to do your podcast recording remotely or want the high-end quality that a studio can provide, The Podcasterists can help.

From providing advice on podcast equipment to providing pre record checks, we give you all the tips and tricks to record a podcast that your listeners will love.

Our podcast recording services

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Recording a podcast

Recording amazing quality audio is one of the most important steps in creating a podcast that listeners enjoy.

We help you make your recording sound fantastic. Whether that is having the right equipment or even speaking style and mic positioning, we know how to get the broadcast-level sound you want to achieve.

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A team of recording experts

We have a network of experienced podcast professionals who can help you produce a show that sounds amazing. Our audio engineers can run pre-record checks with you and your guest(s) and also sit on recording sessions remotely to monitor audio and troubleshoot any issues.

We can also provide video production services to create premium visual content shot in 4K. In addition to video we also offer behind the scenes photography to help you promote your podcast.

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