Podcast editing services

Our podcast editing service will cut, mix and master your podcast to perfection. Our team of professional audio editors do everything from removing unwanted background noises and plosive sounds to adding richness to voices with expert processing. 

Finally we will cut and trim your podcast to give it a solid narrative structure and make it snappy and engaging.

All you have to do is transfer your files to us, give us a little info about the style and structure you’d like and we can take it from there. 

We can then add music and custom intros and outros to give you a finished podcast that is ready for upload.

Our podcast editing services


Remove unwanted sounds

EQ and mix

Video podcast editing

Intro/outros and music

Compression and delivery

Experienced podcast editors

All our editors are native-English speakers and have extensive experience editing, mixing and mastering audio for broadcast, whether on radio, TV or films.

These expert ears will do the heavy lifting, ​fine tuning your podcast to make it pop.

Our podcast editing service will make your show sound as amazing as possible and give your listeners an enjoyable and engaging audio experience.

Get a proposal

Drop us a couple of details about your podcast requirements and we’ll send you a one page proposal and guide price.

Video podcast editing

Not only do we edit audio-only podcasts, we also do video podcast editing.

Whether shooting on 4K or a recording your remote podcast with a webcam on Zoom, we will edit, grade and process your video so that it looks as good as it sounds.

We can also add titles and graphics to really bring your video to life.

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