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How do you measure podcast success?

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Whether your podcast is a hobby or it’s for wider commercial purposes, it’s important that you define how you are going to measure its success. After all, you’ve invested time, money and a great deal of effort in producing your podcast and you’ll want to be sure this hard work is paying off. So how do you measure podcast success?

Clear goal setting

Firstly you will need to decide the metrics you would like to measure and are they easily measurable? Podcasts aimed at external audiences for example will have very different success metrics than those for internal listeners. After all, it will be impossible to continually grow listener numbers for an internal podcast given the finite number of workers in an organisation.

What we’ve listed below are a number of ways to measure podcast success. There will of course be many more methods but these are the metrics we see most frequently used:

Subscribers and downloads

The most obvious metrics to measure podcast success is of course the number of subscribers/listeners and the download numbers for each episode. Looking at your download statistics can be addictive as you start your podcasting journey and it’s hugely satisfying to see the numbers steadily growing as you publish more content. Most podcast hosting platforms such as www.buzzsprout.com provide detailed analysis including:

• Download numbers per episode
• Listeners numbers per city and country
• Detailed analysis of the devices used to listen to your podcast

Apple Podcasts also has a detailed analytics suite that provides podcasters with plenty of analysis:

• Average consumption of each podcast episode
• Number of engaged listeners
• Amount of time listened per podcast episode
• Comparison of each podcast episode versus a median

Yes, the number of subscribers and downloads is the most important metric, but it isn’t the only way to measure podcast success.

Repurposing podcast content

The Podcasterists are big believers in re-purposing your podcast content. Podcast transcripts can be used for blog posts, newsletters and email marketing campaigns as well as social media posts and public relations activity. We don’t believe your podcast should operate in isolation and instead it should be fully integrated into your marketing activity.

Podcast reviews

How are listeners responding to your podcast? Is your podcast receiving positive reviews and are listeners being encouraged to rate the content? Positive reviews suggest your podcast content is of high quality and listeners are motivated enough to leave a positive rating therefore encouraging other potential listeners to download an episode.

Listener engagement

How engaged are you with your podcast subscribers and listeners? Are you encouraging them to send you feedback, episode ideas and to share your podcast amongst their friends and networks? Are you using social media effectively to build a tribe of supporters? How many shares and likes is your podcast content getting?

Building relationships

For organisations using their podcast to generate sales leads and enquiries you can measure the number of listeners who asked for a meeting or the number of listeners influenced by your content, therefore adding ‘podcast’ to your ‘how did you hear about us’ is key. Also your podcast content can be used to deepen existing customer relationships. For example, you might wish to collaborate on episodes with key customers showcasing their business and expertise to your listeners.

Website traffic

If part of the purpose of your podcast is to drive traffic to say your website, being able to measure the traffic generated will be a key metric. What content are they accessing? How long are they staying on the site?

Attracting talent

In a tight labour market a podcast designed to communicate the benefits of working for your organisation could help you stand out from a crowded marketplace. Therefore metrics you will want to consider are the number and quality of CVs / Resumes you receive and engagement with potential employees.

Sponsorship and advertising

If you’ve decided to commercialise your podcast to attract sponsorship and advertising then a key metric will be the amount of revenue and or quality advertisers you are attracting to your podcast. It will of course be in the sponsors interest to support your podcast by sharing it as widely as possible thus increasing reach.

Attracting quality guests

If your podcast relies upon attracting guests to interview then a key metric of podcast success will be the quality of guests you manage to secure for your show. Attracting well known individuals or thought leaders to your podcast will help position your podcast as a quality production and a destination show.

Guest shares and support

You may also wish to measure how much effort your guests make in terms of sharing and promoting your podcast. Often guests with a higher profile are less likely to share your podcast as they don’t need to, so we recommend a mixture of well-known and not so well-known guests for your podcast given those with a lower profile will often make more effort.

Internal audiences

Internal podcast shows are increasingly popular to help communicate organisational purpose, values and mission. The audience in this instance is your fellow co-workers. Yes listener numbers and downloads remain important but there maybe other success measures that are more relevant:

• Are co-workers clear on the organisational mission, purpose and values?
• Has the podcast helped with employee engagement and retention?
• Has the podcast helped communicate training and learning and helped with the on-boarding of new employees?

As you can see subscribers and downloads although key are not the only metric in how to measure podcast success. It all depends on the purpose of your podcast and the goals you set at the beginning. Need more help? Drop us a line at team@thepodcasterists.com



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