How to promote your podcast

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How to promote your podcast

Even before you hit the record button for your first episode you need to think about how to promote your podcast show. Unless you are lucky enough to launch your show with a genuine A-lister, the ‘build it and they will come’ approach isn’t going to work – despite how good you believe your content is. There are many different ways to promote your podcast show, but first of all, you should consider the following;

How many podcast listeners should I be getting?

Consider this, if there are 100 people in the world who are genuinely interested in listening to your podcast and you manage to reach 50 of them then you should consider that a huge success. Podcasting is about the quality of listeners over the quality of listeners every time. For businesses (large or small) talking, uninterrupted for 30 minutes to a small audience genuinely interested in hearing your message is surely far more productive and effective than any amount of blog posts, newsletters, online adverts and sponsorship.

Here are some stats from Buzzsprout, one of the biggest podcast hosts in the world based upon episode downloads in the first seven days. The numbers compiled in June 2021:

• Top 1% of Podcasts > 3647
• Top 5% of Podcasts > 629
• Top 10% of Podcasts > 264
• Top 25% of Podcasts > 78
• Top 50% of Podcasts > 28

So even a modest audience of just under 100 listeners means you’re in the top 25% worldwide!

Podcasts versus other platforms

It’s also a mistake to compare podcast listener numbers with other platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Podcasts are long-form content typically around 30 minutes per episode, it’s therefore meaningless to compare 30 minutes of uninterrupted listening with a few seconds of watching a video. Listening to podcasts takes far more audience engagement and commitment. Audio-only podcasts are also perfect for being consumed whilst doing almost any activity. You can drive to work listening to a podcast. You can’t do that while watching a YouTube video.

Who are your listeners?

Ok start with thinking about who are your listeners and where are you likely to find them. Are they likely to be on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn? If they are not using those platforms then you’re probably going to be wasting your time in using those platforms to promote your content, so start with understanding where your listeners are likely to hang out.

Existing listeners

One of your most important ways of promoting your podcast is to ask your existing listeners to help you. As well as asking them to rate and review your show, ask listeners to recommend the show to their friends and networks. You can also ask them to support your Tweets and other social media posts giving your social media work added support.

Your guests

Asking your guests to help promote their episode and of course your show is obviously a great idea. However, the more high-profile the guest, the less likely they will be interested in promoting your podcast. After all, they already have a large following so it’s unlikely they’ll be motivated to share your content. Guests with a lower profile are much more likely to want to extract the maximum value from appearing on your podcast and they will work much harder for you. So yes having a high-profile guest can be helpful but guests without a following will in all probability be more helpful in promoting your podcast.

Your online presence

A simple website containing all of your podcast episodes, an ‘About section’, easy to find subscribe buttons and a ‘Contact’ page is really all you need. In the ‘About section’ explain why you started the podcast, what is its purpose and why you have decided to be a podcaster? Make it easy for listeners to get hold of you, share ideas with you and share your content with others. Also, make sure your site is optimised and SEO friendly.

Integrate your podcast with your existing marketing tactics

If you’re a business you’re highly likely to already have a raft of other marketing tools and tactics you use. It makes total sense to promote your podcast using all of the other tools you have. For example, add links to your podcast to all outgoing emails, promote your podcast in email newsletters and campaigns, add a prominent link to the show on your homepage, add the details of the podcast to letterhead, business cards and other marketing collateral and finally ask your employees to tell all of their customers and contacts.

Collaborate with other podcasters

There will be other podcasts telling similar or the same stories as you so why not help each other out? Ask them to appear on your show and likewise ask them to return the favour. Your listeners are highly likely to listen to more than just one show in their chosen interests so it makes sense to help one another out. If you’re happy to promote other podcaster’s content, they will be happy to do the same for you and therefore boosting everyone’s listener numbers.


Transcriptions were thought to be SEO friendly but this isn’t really the case. However, they do make very useful blog posts and can be turned into newsletters, press releases and other promotional material to help promote your content and drive potential listeners to your podcast. Remember, podcasts are long-form, evergreen content that provide a rich source of content for other marketing tactics.

Public Relations

If your podcast content is high quality, you might be able to promote your podcast by offering the content to media outlets. For example, trade media outlets are always seeking new content and your podcast show might well offer them content that comes free of charge and is already produced.


Audiograms are short audio files that have been turned into a video file. Audiograms are a great tool to promote key moments from your podcast and can be used on all social media platforms. Choose a clip that you think is going to generate comments and make sure you add links through to the full episode and post. Regular posting of audiograms to promote existing or upcoming content helps generate comments and buzz to drive listener numbers.

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