Podcast audience growth

How do I get more listeners for my podcast?

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Growing your podcast audience is a key aim for all podcasters and in this article, we show you how to increase podcast listeners. For most podcasters it takes both time and effort and sadly there isn’t a silver bullet. It’s more about taking a structured approach and incremental steps that over time will help build more listeners for your podcast. Below are podcast tips and strategies that can be used when you are growing your podcast audience.

1. Syndicate your podcast

Yes, Apple Podcasts are the leading podcast directory but make sure your podcast is syndicated across all other directories including Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, ListenNotes and Deezer – there are of course more!

2. Be consistent

Firstly, be consistent in terms of releasing new content. Listeners to your podcast are investing time and effort. If you publish episodes inconsistently, you’ll run the risk of losing regular listeners and struggle to attract new ones. Once you have decided on your publishing schedule, make sure you do your best to stick to it.

3. Ask for more podcast listeners

Assuming you have a podcast already with a steady number of listeners, one of the easiest, cost-effective, and efficient ways to get more listeners for your podcast is to ask your existing listeners to spread the word and share the podcast with their network. Yes, it’s important to also ask your listeners to rate and review the podcast but also explicitly ask them to share the podcast. It’s a key tactic that many podcasters miss and one that everyone should be using.

4. Listener engagement

Part of any podcasters marketing tactics is to share content across social media. Asking your existing listeners to share your updates is another highly effective approach to promote your podcast and build listener numbers.

5. Guest engagement

Interview based podcasts featuring a guest provides an opportunity to promote the podcast. Asking your guest in advance if they feel comfortable sharing the podcast with their network, it is highly recommended. Podcasts where the guest supports the content by sharing on social media etc. will generate an increase in listener numbers.

6. Appearing on other podcasts

Collaborating with other podcasters is an excellent way of building listener numbers. Collaboration doubles the promotional opportunities. Your separate social media platforms will reach a much wider audience together and better still a brand-new group of listeners helping to build your audience.

7. Guest presenters

A great way to refresh your show is to invite a guest presenter to present a podcast episode. Handing over the mic to another presenter gives your podcast added interest and allows the guest presenter to promote your show to their contacts. It makes sense therefore to choose a guest presenter with a substantial following.

8. Social Media

A key part of any podcasters promotional activity is to use social media. But firstly, think about the social media platforms used by your listeners and potential listeners. If your podcast is say business-focused, then promoting content on TikTok is going to be far less useful than say using LinkedIn or Facebook. Secondly, think about the content of your podcast show. If for example, you’re a show dedicated to interior design, using sites that are video / visual led such as Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest will be the most important.

Creating content for social media such as links and audiograms helps to encourage existing listeners to engage with you and to reach new audiences but as mentioned before each social media platform has its own special uses and what works for Twitter may not translate to Instagram.

Social media is also great for promoting upcoming episodes and even historic content. Post links direct to your website where they can listen to your episodes as well as images and quotes from your show with snippets of the audio to generate interest.

Lastly, make sure you are using the correct hashtags when posting on social media. Remember hashtags are tools people use to sort through social media content and it’s vital that you can be found by those who are seeking content like yours.

9. Create Partnerships

Whatever the theme of your podcast it’s highly recommended that you explore other complementary partnerships that could be interested in sharing and distributing your content. Creating original content is expensive and time-consuming and other content providers such as sector-focused websites and blogs will welcome receiving your content. However, if your show is already carrying advertising and sponsorship, you may well have to share some of this revenue for increased distribution.

10. Repurposing content

Podcasts are long-form content and provide plenty of opportunities to repurpose the content for other marketing and other promotional tools. Transcripts can be used for blog posts, newsletters and press releases as well as content for social media posts.

11. Audiograms

Audiograms are short audio files that have been turned into a video file. Audiograms are a great tool to promote key moments from your podcast and can be used on all social media platforms. Choose a clip that you think is going to generate comments and make sure you add links through to the full episode and post. Regular posting of audiograms to promote existing or upcoming content helps generate comments and buzz and drive listener numbers.

12. Historical content

Once you have begun recording consistently and have built up a bank of historical podcasts, there is nothing to stop you from promoting historical content across social media. A mistake is to ignore previous podcast episodes and only concentrate on your latest content but for many listeners, your old content will be completely new and will help drive them to more recent podcast episodes.

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