As with all engagement, a podcast will take some time to find and build an audience. We recommend that before a show is officially launched we record at least 3 episodes of your first season so there’s plenty of content to release. A season would normally contain 6 – 12 episodes and we suggest recording at least two seasons of content to build an audience.

To quickly establish a presence and to build a loyal and engaged listenership, we recommend production of two episodes a month. Some show produce more frequently and others less but twice a month is what we recommend.

No. We can supply broadcast quality condenser mics to every guest ensuring quality recording every time.

Our team handles all the technical aspects of producing a podcast so you can focus on creativity. As a professional podcast agency we deliver a fully edited and broadcast quality episode every time.

Yes. We work with your existing marketing and comms team to build a narrative that covers the entire season. To ensure that we have an uninterrupted flow of episodes, it’s best to agree as many themes upfront as possible. This process also allows us to begin to source ideal guests and thought-leaders if required.

We recommend that your brand’s purpose is the best place to start. It’s not about telling people what you do, it’s about telling them why you do it. 

By purpose we mean the reason for your brand to exist that goes beyond just making profit. It asks questions about your culture and the ways in which you promote sustainability, diversity and inclusivity. It’s about how you respect and inspire people and communities.

It’s in this rich vein of purpose that we uncover the hidden stories that will engage and entertain your listeners and create  deeper connections with your customers.

We do. We take care of all of the briefing, scheduling and liaising so you don’t have to. We’re a full service podcast agency and it’s part of the service.

Yes. We work with a number of organisations who use the podcast medium as an internal communication tool. They find it an extremely useful way to communicate to their entire workforce in an accessible and portable format.
Yes. We work with a number of professional podcast show hosts so it’s simple to find a voice, gender, accent, and style that reflects your values and brand. We can even provide other languages.

Yes you can but in our experience, you need to build consistency from your very first episode. Firstly, not everyone is comfortable being the voice behind the mic, secondly interviewing is a skill, and thirdly what happens when the person you’ve chosen leaves the organisation? We recommend it’s best to work with a dedicated and professional host.

We recommend a focus on quality not quantity. If you could book a meeting room and talk to 100 potential customers twice a month uninterrupted for 30 mins, you would make the effort and turn up right? This is what you get with podcasting and without the travel or hassle.

Yes, all the statistics we provide comply with IAB Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines 2.0

Easy. Many of our clients integrate their show with other social media they have and we recommend you do. For example, we produce audiograms (snippets of the recording) designed for LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Chris and Drew understand what it takes to launch a successful podcast. We’ve done it ourselves and we know what’s required to make a memorable and popular show. We’re passionate about storytelling and as a podcast company in the UK we want to help brands tell their story.