About us

We formed The Podcasterists as we saw a growing need for businesses and organisations to tell their story and needing podcast production companies to help them do this.

Podcasts build connections and are the perfect way to communicate the culture, people and values on which businesses are built. Podcasting is a natural way to tell your story.

They’re also incredibly versatile and and can be used across multiple social media and marketing channels.

No more sending lacklustre email newsletters to your clients, no more worrying about creating compelling content, no more head-scratching when it comes to creating social media assets – a podcast should be a part of any brand’s marketing and internal comms strategy.

Leadership team

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Chris began his career in marketing where he built a successful communications and branding agency. He then spent a number of years as the General Manager of a Private Members’ club in London’s Mayfair.

Latterly he founded a highly successful boutique talent agency that was successfully exited in 2019.

Chris’ own podcast Oven-Ready HR is considered one of the top workplace podcasts in the UK. 

As co-founder of The Podcasterists, Chris brings a wealth of commercial insight, a deep curiosity for all things business and a genuine desire to help organisations tell their untold stories.


Drew is a marketing professional and digital content specialist. He started his career in marketing helping well-known advertising agencies produce campaigns for global brands such as Google, Sony, Netflix, Mercedes-Benz and Bentley. 

In 2013 Drew co-founded Sociably, an influencer marketing agency. Over  the following years he grew the business and created influencer marketing campaigns for some of the biggest names in the luxury industry.

As co-founder of The Podcasterists, Drew brings a deep knowledge of digital and social media, a passion for creating content and a network of some of the best creative and technical talent in the marketing industry.


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