We are a professional podcast agency

As a podcast agency we help brands tell their story and connect with customers through the power of podcasts.

From finding inspiring guests to providing a professional podcast show host, we have it covered. Whether just editing your show or providing a full end-to-end service, our podcast agency helps you create amazing content. 

Our podcast services

We help ambitious brands and individuals create high-end podcast shows. The Podcasterists provide the expertise you need to plan, record, edit and promote a successful podcast that your listeners will love and share.


We help you plan your show structure, style, tone of voice and guest criteria

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Whether in a studio or remotely we can handle all your recording needs

Group 3


Our engineers edit and enhance your podcast so it sounds amazing


Digital and social marketing strategy to grow your podcast audience


The podcast agency for your brand

There’s no doubt about it; podcasts offer businesses a whole host of benefits. They have the power to entertain, delight and inspire and help create deeper emotional connections with your business or organisation.

You probably already know about the business benefits of a podcast, but there’s a lot to figure out and how to start a podcast that will be successful. What will be the theme? Who’s going to be the show host? How do you find guests? Who will edit and produce it? How do you build an audience?

Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered. The Podcasterists handle everything from editorial expertise and coordinating the guests to mastering and uploading the finished podcast.


How to make a podcast that sounds amazing

Stu Rolls
Stu Rolls
In our first podcast, we talk to experienced film, sound and podcast producer Stu Rolls. We ask Stu about how to achieve great sounding audio and why that’s so important for the listener experience.

We give your podcast a host and your brand a voice

Having a great host is the key to building a podcast that people enjoy and engage with. However, for many businesses finding the right podcast host can be hard. 

We help you choose the ideal host for your podcast. and the perfect voice for your brand.

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Our podcast agency makes remote podcast recording easy

We use the latest streaming technology to bring the podcast right to your door. We’ve mastered the art of creating amazing sound quality wherever you are. 

As your podcast production company we take care of everything from checking your audio to getting you ready to record and we use our analytics tech to measure podcast success.

How it works

Creating a compelling podcast is all about getting the formula right. It starts with a great storyteller who can tease out the story of your company.

Unlike other types of social content, podcasts are generally long-form (around 30 minutes). This makes it the ideal medium to explore and communicate your company’s purpose, culture and values. 

Podcasts connect on a far deeper level with your audience than a tweet or Instagram post. They also aren’t as costly and time-consuming as video. 


Before each show, we do pre-production. This is all about getting to know the guests. Finding out about their background, experiences and what makes them tick.

We’ll conduct an intro call to prepare them for the recording, answer any questions and discuss the theme of the show. This ensures the podcast flows perfectly and sounds natural to the listener.

We’ll also do a quick test run to make sure all the techie stuff is in order and the audio sounds great (no distracting background sounds or unflattering acoustics).


We use the latest equipment to ensure your audio always comes through crisp and clear, no matter where you are in the world.

Our show host will take the lead with a conversational tone to intrigue your customers and put your guests at ease. They pose interesting and thought-provoking questions to get the most out of your guests and keep your customers engaged and entertained the whole way through.


Our professional audio engineering and mixing is the icing on the cake. This final step is about smoothing out any rough edges and polishing to ensure your finished audio sounds as premium and high-end as possible.

Once we’ve got the final version, we’ll fire it across to you so you can have a quick listen before it goes live. If you need a couple of quick changes we can do that in a final edit. 


The beauty of podcasts is their versatility. We’ll give you access to all your branded audio files, so you can use them anytime you like for social media, email marketing or for your blog. We’ll even upload your finished podcast for you so you don’t need to worry about its visibility.

We can integrate with your existing marketing strategy and show you how to promote your podcast. 

Our experienced and dedicated team will deliver high-end, branded content that you can be proud of. We even go the extra mile by showing you how to increase podcast listeners.

No more linking to other’s articles or struggling with creating they type of social content that moves the needle. 

Having a repository of high-end branded content tells people that you are a voice with authority. A voice that is definitely worth listening to. 

Fuel your social media and SEO by telling your story

Being active on social media is key for businesses and organisations of all sizes. But creating high-end content day after day is a challenge.

Creating a podcast gives you social-ready content at your fingertips, just by telling your company’s story. The best part is, it’s all your content. 

Success on social media

Many businesses don’t see the success they’d hoped for on social because they forget one thing. Social media is where people go to enjoy themselves, not to be sold to. To be successful on social you need to create content that is genuinely entertaining and engaging. 

By getting our podcast agency to produce your show, not only do you get a compelling way to tell your story, you also get engaging content that can be repurposed across all your social channels. 

Build a connection and attract the best talent

As consumers and talent become more discerning and informed, communicating your purpose, your reason for existing, is increasingly important. Purpose is about your values, what you stand for and defines how consumers experience your business. 

The challenge for businesses is how to communicate this purpose in a way that feels personal, authentic and real. We believe podcasts are the ideal way of doing this.

The power of the human voice

The human voice has the ability to create emotional connections with listeners. When combined with artful storytelling, podcasting offers businesses a powerful way to authentically communicate purpose. 

Giving people the feeling that ‘your values are my values’ can be a game changer when it comes to finding new customers and attracting the brightest talent .


As with all engagement, a podcast will take some time to find and build an audience. We recommend that before a show is officially launched we record at least 3 episodes of your first season so there’s plenty of content to release. A season would normally contain 6 – 12 episodes and we suggest recording at least two seasons of content to build an audience.

To quickly establish a presence and to build a loyal and engaged listenership, we recommend production of two episodes a month. Some show produce more frequently and others less but twice a month is what we recommend.

No. We can supply broadcast quality condenser mics to every guest ensuring quality recording every time.

Our team handles all the technical aspects of producing a podcast so you can focus on creativity. As a professional podcast agency we deliver a fully edited and broadcast quality episode every time.

Yes. We work with your existing marketing and comms team to build a narrative that covers the entire season. To ensure that we have an uninterrupted flow of episodes, it’s best to agree as many themes upfront as possible. This process also allows us to begin to source ideal guests and thought-leaders if required.

We recommend that your brand’s purpose is the best place to start. It’s not about telling people what you do, it’s about telling them why you do it. 

By purpose we mean the reason for your brand to exist that goes beyond just making profit. It asks questions about your culture and the ways in which you promote sustainability, diversity and inclusivity. It’s about how you respect and inspire people and communities.

It’s in this rich vein of purpose that we uncover the hidden stories that will engage and entertain your listeners and create  deeper connections with your customers.

We do. We take care of all of the briefing, scheduling and liaising so you don’t have to. We’re a full service podcast agency and it’s part of the service.

Yes. We work with a number of organisations who use the podcast medium as an internal communication tool. They find it an extremely useful way to communicate to their entire workforce in an accessible and portable format.
Yes. We work with a number of professional podcast show hosts so it’s simple to find a voice, gender, accent, and style that reflects your values and brand. We can even provide other languages.

Yes you can but in our experience, you need to build consistency from your very first episode. Firstly, not everyone is comfortable being the voice behind the mic, secondly interviewing is a skill, and thirdly what happens when the person you’ve chosen leaves the organisation? We recommend it’s best to work with a dedicated and professional host.

We recommend a focus on quality not quantity. If you could book a meeting room and talk to 100 potential customers twice a month uninterrupted for 30 mins, you would make the effort and turn up right? This is what you get with podcasting and without the travel or hassle.

Yes, all the statistics we provide comply with IAB Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines 2.0

Easy. Many of our clients integrate their show with other social media they have and we recommend you do. For example, we produce audiograms (snippets of the recording) designed for LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Chris and Drew understand what it takes to launch a successful podcast. We’ve done it ourselves and we know what’s required to make a memorable and popular show. We’re passionate about storytelling and as a podcast company in the UK we want to help brands tell their story.

Our remote podcasting keeps your carbon footprint small

We all know that reducing our carbon footprint and promoting sustainability are important.

It’s important both to businesses and consumers. According to a 2020 Capgemini report 52% of consumers say they share “an emotional connection with products or organizations that they perceive as sustainable”. 66% of consumers from the UK agree to “feeling happy when buying sustainable products”. 

By recording remotely and removing the need to travel, podcast companies in the UK can help keep a brand’s carbon footprint small. 

Our podcast agency is committed to helping brands with their sustainability values.


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